18 June 2024,   21:57
"Georgian Dream" affected the Voters" Will during Self-Government Elections - GYLA

"Georgian Dream" has affected the will of the voters during self-governance elections - after eight months of work and dozens of judicial proceedings, the NGO "Young Lawyers Association" published a conclusion.

Representatives of the NGO said that the coordinators of "Dream" used to register the personal data of the citizens and then used it for the party purposes which was the main challenge for the 2017 elections.

The coordinators behind the registrars wrote down the voters who did not turn up, then called them and asked to come to the polling station, which is the control of citizens" will.

Members of the party "Georgian Dream" who have been charged in election manipulation have not listened to the GYLA report,.

The opposition, who listened to the opinion of the authoritative NGO in the hall, said that the "Dream" stole the elections.

Other non-governmental organizations blame Georgian Dream for control of the voter"s will. It has been eight months already. The NGO sector calls on the government to make amendments to the law, which excludes similar manipulations in future elections.

Total control, fraudulent innovative method and large amount of black money, non-parliamentary opposition blame the government in using these methods.

GYLA calls on the government to initiate legislative amendments in the shortest possible terms. The CEC was also the addressee of the lawyers, one of the faults of which the organization considers resolutions without verification of the election documentation.