17 June 2024,   04:51
Georgia vs Russia, Final stage of Case # 2

Georgia against Russia, the case # 2 is in the final stage.Strasbourg Human Rights Court judges left to pass a verdict on a large-scale inter-state dispute.

The state attorney made a summary statement on the suit filed during the August war 10 years ago and presented all the evidence once again.

Russian bombers attacked Georgian civilians. It is a golden evidence confirms the violation of concrete articles of the European Convention by Russia.

The explosion in the center of Gori is well remembered by Dutch journalist Jeroen Ackerman. Russian attack killed his cameraman. The journalist prepared a documentary film about the Russian-Georgian war.

Dozens of volumes were brought to the European Court today by Russian lawyers. The representative of the Ministry of Justice of Russia and the attorney about two hours tried to prove that they have no access to the occupied territories and that Russia had only a peace making status in the war.

After the 4-hour meeting, lawyers of the occupant country did not want to talk to Georgian journalists.

Georgian delegation evaluates the court session as an uncompromising battle where the truth is on the side of Georgia.