18 June 2024,   22:33
We should do our best to make Russia accountable- experts positively assess Georgia"s arguments in Strasbourg

The opposition and the government agree that the Georgian side"s arguments in the European Court of Strasbourg were exhaustive.

According to their assessment, Russia has been trying to do its to counter blame Georgia for offense.

The same position is shared by experts. They speak about the significance of the arguments presented by the Georgian side, which, according to their assessment, confirmed Russia"s crime.

Because of these arguments, political scientists have anticipated that the Court will not have any questions about Russia"s criminal actions.

"It is important that we will do our best everywhere so , that Russia is held fully responsible for the evil that it has been doing for years," said Davit Sikharulidze, president of the Atlantic Council of Georgia.

Giorgi Rukhadze, founder of the Georgian Strategic Analysis Center (GSAC), said that Georgia was well prepared with evidence and while Russia was appealing not to a legal but to a political part.