18 June 2024,   23:52
State procurement tailored to "Niva" and GEL 3 million, which goes to the relative of the "Georgian Dream" member of Sakrebulo

There are questions about the winner of the multi- million tenders by the cousin of Shalva Ogbaidze, a member Tbilisi Sakrebulo from the "Georgian Dream".

The company has provided Russian "Nivas" worth of about three million lari to state institutions.

Investigators of the Studio Monitor found out that state agencies announced tender for purchasing Russian "Nivas" with the shortest warranty period so that other manufacturers could not have access to the competition.

 The company, which is engaged in imports of "Nivas" , is owned by a relative of Shalva Ogbaidze, MP of Tbilisi Sakrebulo from "Georgian Dream".

"Yes, I"m a 25% shareholder of the seized enterprise, yes I am still waiting for the prosecutor"s office to finalize the case.If there is any interest in the enterprise, I offer you if you find it. You mislead the public and write that I am the owner which I"m not, it"s already on your conscience, "- said Shalva Ogbaidze.