13 June 2021,   22:36
Opposition collects signatures with demand of resignation of Tsulikiani and disassemble of justice and prosecutor"s council


A resignation of Tea Tsulukiani, Sozar Subari and the entire government - today four opposition parties have started  to collect signatures in front of various metro stations in Tbilisi.

Opposition gathers  signatures with demand of Tea Tsulukiani"s and Levan  Murusidze"s resignation . Among their demands is  the dismissal of the Justice and Prosecution Boards.

 "These people brought Georgia into the crisis . This is a responsibility not only of  a single prosecutor or  responsibility of Shotadze. Tea Tsulukiani heads this system. So Tsulukiani should resign , the Supreme Council of Justice should disassembled, ," said Kakha Kukava, leader of Free Georgia.