23 January 2022,   10:36
In the European Parliament they believe that they have to move to more active actions to hinder Russia"s aggressive policy - Dimitri Tskitishvili

Ten years after the invasion of Georgia"s occupied territories - debates were held at the European Day on this topic. The European Commissioner, Federica Mogherini, made a special statement at the plenary session. Tomorrow, European MPs will vote for the resolution on the same issue - it has 20 points and says that the Georgian territories are occupied and Russia should fulfill its obligations. A separate chapter in the document is dedicated to the murder of Tatunashvili and the issue of sanctions. All political groups support the resolution. The MPs are sure that Russia will respond to the adoption of the resolution.

Dimitri Tskitishvili, deputy chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee of the Parliament of Georgia, said that the European Parliamentarians clearly saw that Georgia could be a good example to avoid such actions in other countries. According to him, the EU is seeing all the problems clearly.