18 January 2022,   19:46
Government Changes - renewed composition may be named today

Governmental changes - the renewed composition of the government maybe named today.

Mamuka Bakhtadze, candidate for the Prime Minister, will present the future members of the government and the action program at the parliamentary bureau session at the first stage. Whether it will be today"s bureau - will be known later.

According to the regulations, the candidate for the prime minister has a few days" time.

Before the vote, the new cabinet of ministers will be discussed in the committees and factions of the legislature.

The opposition refuses to support the new government.

"If the Minister of Justice, other lawmakers and all the people who have put the government in crisis remain, then the government will be required to resign from the second day of the approval of the government," -said UNM membe, Roman Gotsiridze.

The European Georgia also assesses the amendments made in the government as another step backward. However, the party welcomes the optimization of the ministries.