20 January 2022,   08:13
"Finally, I think we will stop at 11 ministries," Mamuka Mdinaradze speaks about structural changes in the government

Whether consultations with the parliamentary majority will continue on the structural changes of the government is unknown at this stage. The ruling team explains that the decision has already been made regarding several agencies.

Specific names regarding those ministers who will leave the position still remain unknown. The ruling team does not know which particular minister will retain the post and which will not.

Mamuka Mdinaradze, chairperson of the Georgian Dream faction, said that Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze agrees all his decisions with the team.

"We discussed the reorganization, structural changes, there were very interesting discussions. Including the unification of various ministries. There were different opinions, but I think we have come to the final stage of the consultations and finally I think we will stop at 11 ministries, "- Mamuka Mdinaradze said.

Irakli Sesiashvili, chairman of the parliamentary Committee for Defense and Security says that opinions in the team on the issue of reorganization differed
Kakha Kuchava, Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Environmental Protection and Natural Resources made comment on the same issue.

"After we fully agree on structural changes, then we will begin to discuss the specific staff. So far, none of the persons were named, "said Kakha Kuchava.