05 July 2022,   14:14
Structural Reorganization of the Government - Parliament begins discussion of the legislative package

Parliamentary committees are starting to discuss the legislative package of the structural reorganization of the government, but before that the detailed schedule will be approved at the Bureau sitting.

The government requests discussion of the legislative initiative in an accelerated manner and the bureau should make the decision today.

The Cabinet of Ministers consists of ten Ministries and one State Minister"s Office.

The legislative package will finally be approved by the legislators at the extraordinary session next week. The opposition does not expect significant results from government changes.

In the conditions of the Georgian Dream, we have already seen so many times. Reforms in the government structure when the ministries changed their names or they were united, but did nothing good for the development of the country. The only good thing we can bring is a significant reduction in the administrative cost and we will wait for the explanations for these changes, "said Irakli Abesadze, a member of" European Georgia ".

The reform of the small government, announced by the prime minister, is also criticized in the "National Movement".