23 July 2024,   18:16
Detainee in the Khada Gorge murder case will be sentenced to life imprisonment

One person was detained for killing American citizens in Khada gorge. The statement was made at the Ministry of Internal Affairs a few minutes ago.

According to the agency, the charges against the detainee envisage the life imprisonment.

A person born in 1998 is detained and he pleads guilty.

The case has been rectified under the premeditated murder article.

"As a result of investigative activities, law enforcers have detained a person born in 1998 who has plead guilty.

As a result of investigative experiments, law enforcers have discovered the body of a minor, born in 2014.

According to the investigation, on July 4 of the current year, M.K murdered with hunting gun R.S and his son. L.S fell into the ravine as a result of her attempt to escape from the scene and died, "- states the Interior Ministry.

According to the Ministry, the investigation has been carried out under the article 109, paragraph 2, part b, and paragraph 3 of the Criminal Code of Georgia on the fact of the premeditated murder of two or more persons.