18 July 2024,   07:07
" Rustavi 2 participates in Summit as a symbol of fight, defender of media freedom,"- Nino Nakashidze


A session of the North Atlantic Council will be officially opened in an hour and half, with the address the Secretary General of the Alliance and the Belgian Prime Minister.

After the speech, security challenges will be discussed behind the closed door. One of the main topics will be defense spending. With regard to Georgia, the announcements will be made tomorrow.

An international Conference on Black Sea Security is underway in the frameworks of the NATO summit in Brussels. "Rustavi 2" is invited as a guest. The conference will focus on the occupied territories, media pluralism and freedom of speech.

Nino Nakashidze, a Deputy Director General of "Rustavi 2" has mentioned that Rustavi 2 is invited as a symbol of fight and one of the most successful pro-Western channels in Georgia.

" Every international organization knows about the role of "Rustavi 2" in spreading democratic values in Georgia and the fact that a representative of Rustavi2 is invited to the NATO summit underlines it once again. "Rustavi 2" participates in this summit as a symbol of fighting, keeping media freedom in Georgia and as a company, which contradicts Russian propaganda, "- said Nino Nakashidze.