30 June 2022,   19:55
NDI representatives met with opposition parties

NDI representatives met with leaders of "European Georgia". Before that, NDI representatives met with members of the National Movement and Georgian Dream.

They also held meeting with representatives of "Girchy" and "Republicans". Representatives of the parties talked about the pre-election environment at the meeting with NDI.

"There is big difference in resources and there is monopolization. 94% were in the previous elections and the rest 6% were all opposition parties. This initiated, continued impunity for the violence and intimidation incidents that occurred in the previous elections. This is part of the climate that is now created and, of course, we all had faces this problem. We have additional problems. By the order of the government, the regulatory authority has restricted the possibility of advertising. This is also added to the president"s silly silence on the date of elections, "said Giga Bokeria, one of the leaders of the Faction" European Georgia ".

Zurab Japaridze, candidate for the presidential candidate of the new political center, says that he provided NDI representatives with information about all the problems that exist in Georgia.

Khatuna Samnidzee, chairperson of the Republican Party of Georgia made comments.

"I noted that the facts of violence are much less and almost none, but that does not mean that they do not bribe voters. Today we have other types of impact on the voter"s will, it is money , bribing the voters with cash, "Khatuna Samnidze said.