04 July 2022,   03:44
Russia"s threat to Georgia on membership in NATO - MPs speak about necessity of joining the alliance

"Despite the threats of Russia, Georgia should continue to join NATO," the parliamentary minority responds to the statement by Konstantin Kosachov, Chairman of the Committee on International Relations of the Upper Chamber of the Duma.

The opposition says that Russia is trying to hinder the intensification of Georgia-NATO relations by intimidating and threatening.The majority, once again, confirms that Georgia"s position regarding the integration into Euro-Atlantic structures is unchanged. At the same time, Duma MP Konstantin Kosachov has publicly expressed Russia`s position . "If Georgia becomes a member of NATO, Russia will apply to the adequate response," MP said.

"Such threats once again prove that Georgia should join the North Atlantic Alliance," said Otar Kakhidze, one of the leaders of "European Georgia".

The "National Movement" clarifies that such statements should not intimidate Georgia and this was expected by Russia.

The statement of the Russian deputy is not surprising in the majority which states that Georgia continues to work in the usual way to achieve its goal.