27 January 2022,   15:14
The NDI survey - the National Democratic Institute of America has become an object of attack by the ruling party

The American National Democratic Institute today was attacked by the ruling party again. The reason is the recent NDI survey. "Georgian Dream" says that the representation of the international organization is carrying out the interests of the opposition and puts psychological pressure on the electorate and this is the result of two percent difference between the ruling party and opposition presidential candidates. "Georgian Dream" expressed distrust to the social survey conducted before the presidential elections.

What the Georgian Dream did not like in the last NDI survey was a very high percentage of undecided voters. The ruling party claims that this nihilism is not the result of the government but the opposition"s actions. "Georgian Dream" does not like the fact that according to the survey, the total rating of the opposition is higher that of the ruling party and in case of unification of the political forces, the opposition has a chance to win.

The most significant part of the NDI survey was the part saying that 62% of voters believe that the opposition should nominate a common presidential candidate.

The last sociological survey conducted before the presidential election contains important messages for the political spectrum, a large part of the population thinks that the future president should not be from the Georgian Dream"s team. The opposition says that this is an open-source voter"s wish to change their country.