20 January 2021,   05:45
Presidential Elections - ruling party postpones nominating candidate once again

The ruling party once again postponed the nomination of the presidential candidate. Presumably, next week it will be known what the ruling party is going to do. The ruling party still can not agree whether the party will have its candidate or support independent candidate.

"Each one of us will defend own position. I can guarantee that the law will not be volated, "-MP Giorgi Volsky, a parliamentary majority MP, said.

Sopho Kiladze, the chairperson of the Human Rights and Civil Integration Committee of the Parliament, said about the presidential candidate that the ruling party will make a decision later.

According to Mariam Jashi, Chairperson of the Education, Science and Culture Committee, the political council will decide on the presidential candidate.
The deputy chairperson of the parliamentary committee for environmental protection and natural resources has commented on the presidential candidate. Endzela Machavariani said that she would give preference to the representative of the team but woud also support Salome Zourabichvili.