27 January 2022,   15:15
Kalandia"s testimonies, gaps in the investigation, Subelian"s responsibility, Merabishvili"s withdrawal from cell - Gakharia and Shotadze answered the opposition"s acute questions

One of the most important and noisy sessions of the investigative commission continues for four hours already.

A Former Chief Prosecutor and a current Interior Minister have already answered the opposition"s acute questions.

Now Members of the parliamentary majority interrogate Giorgi Gakharia and Irakli Shotadze.
Irakli Shotadze reiterated that the decision on resignation was correct. He spoke about the case of Vano Merabishvili"s withdrawal from the prison cell. As he says, he has not ever had a conversation with Mirza Subeliani about this issue.

As for the Minister of Internal Affairs, Giorgi Gakharia has repeatedly criticized the work of the Investigative Commission.

He complained to the chairperson of the commission that only one out of the five investigators was summoned, while individuals, who have nothing to do with the murder case were questioned
He also spoke about Mirza Subeliani and explained that Subeliani was detained for not reporting the crime, However, if it was revealed that he put pressure on the investigation, his charge will be requalified.
Gakharia announced that he had seen more influential people between the parents of the teenagers participating in the case than Mirza Subeliani.

"I know other parents there are much more influential people if you do not know," said Gakharia

According to him, there might have been some shortcomings in the investigation, but it was caused by the fact that the investigation was oriented to detect all identified persons.

After the inquiry of the Minister of Internal Affairs and former Chief Prosecutor, Justice Minister will be questioned as well.