25 January 2022,   18:34
"She took all the responsibilities and therefore we did not have any other questions" - Sergi Kapanadze speaks about Tsulukiani"s interview

The questioning of the Minister of Justice at the session of the investigative commission ended in a short period of time.

The lawmakers had only one question to Tea Tsulukiani. Oto Kakhidze reminded the Minister of Justice of Irakli Shotadze"s resignation today and requested her to confirm her words.

After that the lawmakers thanked Tea Tsulukiani and declared the meeting closed. Later, the chairman of the commission Sergi Kapanadze explained what was the purpose of the only question.

"After Shotadze resigned many new circumstances have been revealed . There were a number of investigative actions that were not carried out,that were revealed as the result of our work, our question was the following, regardless of al that whether she still thought that Shotaadze should not have resigned. She confirmed this and she took all the responsibilities as well, so we did not have any other questions, "said Sergi Kapanadze.