23 January 2022,   22:03
"No country has the right to change the borders of the other country by force" - high level officials from different countries visited the occupation line

The Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Poland, Lithuania and Latvia, as well as Vice-Premier of Ukraine are in Georgia on the 10th anniversary of the Russian-Georgian war.

Honorary guests together with Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia arrived in the villages near the conflict zone today. They were in the village of Odzia where they saw and got acquainted with the situation near the occupation line.
Foreign Minister of Poland speaks about deepening of international discussion on Georgia"s de-occupation. Jacek Chaputovich states that conflict prevention is the responsibility of the international community.

"Poland supports Georgia"s sovereignty and territorial integrity within the internationally recognized borders. We do not recognize any action that is not legalized by the Georgian government on the occupied territories. No country has the right to change the borders of the other country by force and all such acts are considered as a gross violation of international law. It is necessary to further deepen international discussion for peaceful resolution of the territorial conflict because the conflict is prevented by the international community, "said Polish Foreign Minister Jacek Chaputovich.

The guests said that their leaders were in Georgia during the war 10 years ago and stood by the Georgian people. They impose full responsibility for the war on Russia.