28 January 2022,   01:03
Selection of DEC members - UNM requests response from Inter-Agency Commission

The opposition demands reaction from the inter-agency commission on the CEC`s criteria for selecting DEC members. "National Movement" will appeal to the Commission with a relevant statement in the nearest time.

According to the opposition, the CEC appointed the DEC members by party signs.

The National Movement party states that the ruling party is preparing for falsification of elections and demands timely reaction from the Inter-Agency Commission

"Sisters, husbands, wives cousins, relatives," Georgian Dream "activists were independent members of the district commission. Instead of thinking about transparent and open elections, the fact is that they are already preparing for fraudulent elections. Based on these facts, we would like to apply to the Inter-Agency Commission. They will either accept it and react or reaffirm that instead of elections we are invited to the market where sellers and traders will be themselves, "- Khabeishvili said.