28 January 2022,   00:49
"We should use any such initiative - opposition responds to Sergey Shamba"s statement

"Of course, Shamba"s initiative is very important," the presidential candidate of the European Georgia - Movement for Freedom said.

Davit Bakradze states that the country should shown to Abkhaz and Ossetian people that Georgia is not an enemy.
"The end of occupation has two important directions. First, it is the withdrawal of Russian forces with international support, and secondly, this is a direct dialogue with people who live today beyond the occupation line. Therefore, Shamba"s initiative is very important and we should use any such initiative, any such readiness to show once again to Abkhazians and Ossetians that we are not enemies, we have common interests, "- Davit Bakradze said.

Tinatin Bokuchava, secretary of the National Movement faction says that it is not possible to be at the negotiation table face to face either with the Russians or representatives of the occupational regime.

"Any kind of negotiation that we will have with occupied territories with any representative must be in multilateral format, where our international partners will be also presented. It is unacceptable for Georgia to be face-to-face with either Russians or representatives of the occupational regime. Unfortunately, there is no such guarantee from this government, "Tinatin Bokuchava said.