25 January 2022,   06:28
"The role of Germany as a European leader is very important," -David Bakradze

Politicians assess Angela Merkel"s visit to Georgia . Davit Bakradze, the Chairman of "European Georgia - Movement for Freedom" and presidential candidate of the party states that the visit of the German Chancellorgives a possibility of discussing several key issues.

David Bakradze also focuses on the role and significance of Germany.

"Merkel"s visit is a possibility to discuss three main issues with her , which are important for Georgia. First, this is Georgia"s de-occupation and security, where the role of Germany as a European leader is crucial, and secondly, it is Georgia"s European and Euro-Atlantic integration, and Germany"s position will also determine how quickly Georgia will join the NATO and the EU . Third - processes taking place in the country, Electoral preparations and in general, the l democratic situation , "- he stated.