20 January 2022,   08:35
I wanted to hear from her how she evaluates the situation,"- Student, who made Angela Merkel to use the term " occupation"

The German Chancellor used the term "occupation" for the first time while speaking about Georgia"s territorial integrity.

Angela Merkel made the statement at the Tbilisi State University today.

Earlier, Merkel used the word "unfair" while talking about the occupied territories at official meetings. Konstantine Shubitidze, the student asked her if Russia"s actions regarding Georgia is an occupation.

" i asked this question to verify. I wanted to hear from her, how she assesses the situation, which we have in Abkhazia and the Tskhinvali region. The answer was very satisfactory. We received an answer that this was an occupation, "said student Konstantine Shubitidze.

Students" questions were about the issue of Russian gas pipelineGeorgia"s Euro-Atlantic integration and occupation.

The students were interested in whether Angela Merkel had received specific guarantees from Putin regarding the North Pipeline. They criticized the Chancellor of Germany for on the one hand condemning Russia"s actions in the region and on the other hand their attitude towards Russian gas.