25 January 2022,   05:47
"The intentional, ungrounded strikes on the CEC and its head are taking place" - Tea Tsulukiani

Members of the Inter-Agency Commission considered pre-election complaints and pre-election violations for several hours.

Interagency Commission headed by Tea Tsulukiani has been created to respond to these violations, but the Justice Minister says that the CEC is being deliberate discredited by the opposition political parties and the commission will monitor this issue.

"It looks like this at this stage and we will also continue to observe it, the unreasonable strikes on the CEC, its supervisor and the reputation of this very important institution are having place. The attacks are going on at the institute and we have discussed this issue and agreed with the members of the commission to monitor these processes. The second issue was a document published by GYLA. We demanded that this is not really a research in my opinion. This is an assumption document. The GYLA representative promised us to provide information on how they established that people in these 6 cases are relatives because this document does not say anything about the method, "Tea Tsulukiani said.