25 January 2022,   05:19
MIA arrests employee of Ministry of Economy for drug dealing

MIA officers detained 3 persons for drug crime in Tbilisi

The Ministry of Internal Affairs informs that one of the detainees is an employee of the Ministry of Economy between .

"The officers of the Main Division of Drug Trafficking of the Central Criminal Police Department, detained IG, born in 1980, G.Sh. born in 1981 and employee of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia - O. I. born in 1983 for purchase and keeping of especially large quantities of drugs on the fact of selling.

The Tbilisi City Court sentenced all three defendants to imprisonment.

"Investigation is in progress under the article 260, paragraph 5a and paragraph 6a of the Criminal Code of Georgia, which implies illegal purchase and keeping of large quantities of narcotics drugs. The crime envisages from 8 to 20 years or life imprisonment.