24 November 2020,   13:48
Reports spread by the opposition today - NGOs demand to establish authenticity of the recordings

Non-governmental organizations demand to establish the authenticity of the recordings, published by the opposition today. The third sector does not rule out that that responsibility of the particular district commissions may be out on agenda.

Members of the non-governmental organization say that it is very important to conduct open and transparent elections, and therefore dissemination of such information should be an issue of a serious examination.

The third sector states that if the information is confirmed, the responsibility of the chairmen of the district commissions should be raised.

"First of all, the pre-election period is very important and the information spread out should lead to a serious research. I think that the CEC should respond and as it was announced at the meeting today, they plan to check the information, "said Ketevan Chachava, the Development and Executive Director of Democracy Center.

Nino Rijamadze, a lawyer for the International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy, claims that it is important to determine the authenticity of the recording