27 January 2023,   15:32
The statements of the Chairman of the Parliament of Georgia serves the aim of delegitimation and discrediting of the third sector - civil sector

Part of NGOs respond to the statement of Irakli Kobakhidze, Chairman of the Parliament of Georgia, in which he described the third sector representatives as politically motivated and fascist .

The joint statement of the part of civil society says that the government"s pressure on the non-government sector and aggressive rhetoric continues.

"We believe that the recent statements of the Chairman of the Parliament mainly serve the aim of discrediting the NGOs working on electoral issues and human rights in the eyes of the international community and
monitoring organizations. It is very regrettable that the statements of members of the ruling political team form the basis of the extra politicization and polarization of the issues in the pre-election period, " -the statement reads.

Non-governmental organizations call on the Chairman of the Parliament, Mayor of Tbilisi and other leaders of the "Georgian Dream" to ensure a democratic environment in the pre-election period.