27 January 2023,   22:30
Abduction of Georgian citizens by Occupants - issue of Maia Otinashvili will be discussed at the next round of Geneva Discussions

45th round of Geneva talks - Georgian side will raise the issue of abduction of Maia Otinashvili by occupants.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs states that the Georgian side has permanent communication with the co-chairmen of the Geneva and EU mission on this fact.

Nevertheless, Maia Otinashvili kidnapped by the occupation regime is still in captivity. It is still unknown when it is planned to release her.

"We will summarize this round on how this 10 years have passed, what we have achieved and what we need to do in order to reach progress in the future to resolve the conflict. This round will focus on the recent incidents, kidnappings. Of course the first thing is to release the kidnpped persons, "said Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Mikheil Dondua.