27 January 2023,   22:50
Gori Mayor makes explanations and apologizes to Condoleezza Rice

The mayor of Gori explains his own statements. Konstantin Tavzarashvili explains that he was talking to the population only about Russian provocations.

Tavzarashvili had stated at the meeting that Georgia started the war with Russia in 2008, but the Georgian authorities could prevent Russian provocation and not engage in hostilities.

"I explained to the population that the war started Russia, but there were provocations from Russia that our government could avoid ," Tavzarashvili said.

Tavzarashvili apologizes to the former US Secretary of State for racist commentary. He called Condoleezza Rice "a negro".

"I do not remember something like this maybe I said it mechanically and I apologize ," said Tavzarashvili.

As for election agitation, Tavzarashvili denies that he called on population to support Salome Zurabishvili.