27 January 2023,   14:16
Interagency Commission Serves "Georgian Dream" to Present as if there are no problems in the pre-election environment - Eka Gigauri

Transparency International - Georgia leaves the Ineragency Commission in protest.

Representatives of NGO explain the reasons for decision making and note that there is an " unprecedented assault on the third sector by the government".

Representatives of the Transparency International - Georgia say that the ruling party"s representatives, including high-ranking officials such as a Chairperson of the Parliament and the Justice Minister and Tbilisi Mayor voice inaccurate and ungrounded allegations against the third sector.
 Eka Gigauri, the executive director of Transparency International Georgia, says that campaigns launched against the third sector have been launched e in social networks.

Eka Gigauri explains that the Interagency Commission does not Ihave high legitimacy on the background of these violations, and according to her, the commission serves only the pre-election interests of the Georgian Dream.