04 February 2023,   05:49
One of the standard-bearers in the war of recordings is Rustavi 2 - Kiladze does not trust the conclusion presented by "Omega Group"

The war of recordings - That is how a member of the parliamentary majority, Sopho Kiladze calls the recordings, linked to the scandalous "Omega Case" and expertise conclusions that both sides have now published.

Sopho Kiladze says she can not trust the conclusion of expertise presented by Zaza Okuashvili because Kiladze thinks Okuashvili had lied a lot.

"I do not know, I have to see what the conclusion is, who has written ," says Sopho Kiladze.

Kiladze sees the role of "Rustavi 2" in scandalous recordings .

The MP says that broadcasting company "Rustavi 2" is one of the standard-bearers in the record war.

"I would call this case a war of recordings. Because the incredible thing is that the whole hysteria was created during this pre-election period, which is very bad. It is unfortunate that "Rustavi 2" protects interests of UNM and one of the standard-bearers of this war of recordings and therefore Rustavi2"s policy is evident, "Kiladze said.