18 July 2024,   06:38
Some group decided to launch a war... They have been instructed - Eka Beselia speaks about accusations

Gia Abashidze, an expert spreads information on Eka Beselia"s corruption in the social network.
According to Abashidze, Eka Beselia took a large amount of bribe from businessman Zaza Okuashvili to overcome his business problems and lobby him at the court.

"There have been rumours that Mrs Beselia somehow fixes the problems at the Supreme Court since chairmanship of Lado Chanturia. Now there is a fact that confirms her new deals. Reportedly Okuashvili has a recording and he threatens Georgian Dream to reveal it,"- says Abashidze.

Beselia herself denies this fact and says that she expected provocations. Beselia is convinced that Gia Abashidze performs a task of the specific group.

"A principle of teamwork of must be kept and what happens should stay inside the team," - says Dimitri Khundadze, the member of the Parliamentary majority.

Levan Koberidze, a member of the Georgian Dream, says that there is no confrontation in the team .