20 July 2024,   16:21
The beginning of the collapse of "Georgian Dream" - Roman Gotsiridze on Gedevan Popkhadze"s withdrawal from Legal Committee

"What we see now can be evaluated as the start of the collapse of the Georgian Dream," said Roman Gotsiridze, chairman of the National Movement faction.
Roman Gotsiridze responds to the dismissal of Gedevan Popkhadze from Legal Issues Committee and says that it is not the first time when "Georgian Dream" is persecuting people with different opinions in the team.
Gotsiridze cited the case for Davit Chichinadze when he transferred from "Georgian Dream" to "Alliance of Patriots" due to confrontation with the members of the ruling party.
"In fact, the dictatorship is established in the party, and people are dismissed from committees for expressing different opinions. If Chichinadze was punished for different opinion and forced to leave the "Georgian Dream", today we are dealing with a much larger group, "said Roman Gotsiridze.
The decision to dismiss Gedevan Popkhadze from the Legal Committee was made at the special meeting held at the Georgian Dream"s main office today, which was attended by Bidzina Ivanishvili. Gedevan Popkhadze, a member of Eka Beselia"s team and main supporter of Beselia, was dismissed from the Legal Issues Committee.