20 July 2024,   16:25
Abashidze"s scandalous statement on the corrupt deal of Omega Group and Eka Beselia - Zaza Okuashvili calls accusations absurd

Zaza Okuashvili responds to the scandalous statement made by expert Gia Abashidze, who blames Eka Beselia for corrupt deal with "Omega Group".
Okuashvili spreads the statement and calls the allegations false.
"Gia Abashidze"s allegation spread on the Facebook about the illegal deal between Eka Beselia and" Omega are groundless and false," -said Zaza Okuashvili.
" I personally do not know Mrs. Eka Beselia and I have no personal contact with her. Such allegations are unserious and obviously serve unhealthy purposes, "- Okruashvili said.
According to Gia Abashidze, Eka Beselia took a large amount of bribe from businessman Zaza Okuashvili to settle his business problems in the court.