23 July 2024,   18:30
Increased prices for food products, utilities, etc. - Geostat has published official data

Life in Georgia is becoming more expensive- according to official figures released by Geostat, 1.5% inflation has been fixed on everything. Prices have increased on food products, as well as on utility bills.
Another area where prices are rising is health care. In this direction there are increased prices for services in hospitals as well as outpatient services.
Experts think that the reality is even worse then this indicator, since the method that the Geostat uses to calculate inflation and the price increase is outdated.
"This inflation index is also calculated with some outdated methodology. Because it does not reflect real growth in prices. For example, if the price of 200 grams of butter was 3 to 4 GEL a year ago, now it is between 6 and 7 and higher prices. That"s why most people do not have access to such expensive goods. You can enter many stores and can not buy anything at all, "said Gia Jandieri.
Giorgi Kepuladze, chairman of the non-governmental organization "Society and Banks", speaks about the need for proper economic reforms.