20 July 2024,   17:36
MIA detains person wanted for attack on policemen

The officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, as a result of joint operative-investigative and investigative activities, has detained G.TS., born in 1987, wanted for attack on policeman.
The MIA spreads information about the crime, which states that the offense envisages from 7 to 11 years of imprisonment.
"The investigation found that G.TS., under alcohol-influence was aggressive towards the inspector-investigators of Abasha District Division of the village of Gezati in Abasha district, Shalva Miminoshvili and Bakur Chkadua, late on December 6, 2018.The defendant did not obey a legal requirement of police to protect order and inflicted to both of them body injuries with a cold weapon after which he disappeared from the scene. The injured policemen were hospitalized , "- reads the statement.
According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, law enforcers detained the wanted as a result of operative-searching activities. He was detained in the village of Tbeti in Tsalka region. The police have seized the weapon of the crime - as evidence.The court sentenced the detainee to 2 months preliminary imprisonment.The investigation is under way under Article 353 of the Criminal Code of Georgia.