20 July 2024,   16:23
Eka Beselia`s promotion and appointment as the deputy chairman of the parliament was planned in September

It was planned to promote Eka Beselia and appoint her as the Deputy Chairperson of the Parliament.
The statement was made by the Deputy Head of the administration of the Parliament of Georgia, David Gelashvili.
According to Davit Gelashvili, in September, he received instruction from the leaders of the parliament to prepare the space for Eka Beselia in the Vice-Speakers` wing of the Parliament building.
"In September we received an assignment from the leaders of the parliament that we had to find a suitable place for a high-ranking official to take up this space. After finding space, we have learned that this area should have been for the then Chairperson of the Legal Committee, Eka Beselia, who was to be promoted and appointed Deputy Chairperson of Parliament. This happened in September-October, "- Davit Gelashvili said.
Closed consultations have been held in the office of Irakli Kobakhidze since morning.
According to Kobakhidze, appointment of Eka Beselia as the Vice-Speaker of Parliament was planned in August.
Eka Beselia left the position of the Chairperson of the Legal Issues Committee several days ago. According to Beselia, this decision is related to the submission of the list of judges by the High Council of Justice.