14 July 2024,   06:30
Broken jaws and hands - Attack in Akhaltsikhe and severely beaten three eleven graders

In Akhaltsikhe, parents of beaten pupils say that the persons involved in the fight have identities but no one has been held responsible yet.
In Akhaltsikhe, 3 juveniles were attacked by 30 men a night. Three Eleventh grade boys have been severely beaten, They were celebrating the new year in the Kachkachishvili"s family and when the left they were beaten and physically assaulted by the adults for uncertain motives.
Kachkachishvili"s child was seriously injured. His both hands are broken as a result . Despite the fact that five days have passed since the incident, the Ministry of Internal Affairs has launched investigation on this episode only on the basis of media reports.After the yard of Kachkchishvili"s house the conflict continued on Didimamishvili Street. A group of dozens of men chased young people from Kachkachishvili"s house and inflicted physical injuries.Both episodes of the quarrel have many eyewitnesses. But since the case concerns the juveniles, all are shunned to talk publicly. There is a video of the fight that was fixed by cameras installed on the streets.
The police has testimony of only 2 victims. The juveniles were interviewed in the presence of their parents. The third victim is still in the hospital, with the fracture of the jaw.