13 July 2024,   20:59
"Talks that there are no appropriate mechanisms against defamation mislead the public" - Giorgi Mshvenieradze

Messages made by the Patriarch in the Christmas Epistle about the restriction of freedom of speech are an alarming signal to the NGO representatives.
Human rights advocates think that the government is trying to suppress criticism and is preparing the ground for it.The civil sector calls on the Georgian Dream to refrain from tightening the law and reminds them that the defamation is already punishable and the law is already regulating it.
"Statements that the defamation has increased and there are no appropriate mechanisms is wrong and misleading the public. Our legislation is absolutely clear in this respect and has the right balance between freedom of speech and human honor and dignity. If all these changes are initiated, we should understand that this is a dangerous signal that the authorities who do not like criticism are going to limit their freedom to people, media and non-governmental organizations, "said George Mshvenieradze, Chairman of the NGO" Georgian Democratic Initiative ".