11 August 2020,   14:22
Confrontation between Khurvaleti residents and law enforcers

"If everything is are calm, then let us go" - there was an argument between Khurvaleti residents and law enforcers. Civil activists were demanding entry into the village of Khurvaleti, but law enforcers did not allow them to do so.
"We are going peacefully," addressed the law enforcers the citizens who arrived from Tbilisi.
The police claimed that there was no calamity in the village of Khurvaleti and no incident. Nevertheless, the citizens who came to the place were not allowed to enter the village.
Nata Peradze, founder of the movement "Partisan gardeners" also requested to enter the village of Khurvaleti. According to Nata Peradze`s information, a large number of occupants are mobilized in the village.
"We ask for answers or explanation why they do not let us enter and we ourselves will understand where we can move and where not, "- said Peradze.
The information about the appearance of Russian occupants in the village of Khurvaleti was spread several hours ago. According to locals, Russian soldiers crossed the barbed wire and camped in one of the locals" gardens. They also blocked the road to the recently built surveillance checkpoint.The above-mentioned information was not confirmed in the State Security which stated that the occupants were not present in controlled by Georgia territory.