07 August 2020,   07:26
Attack on Sandra Roelofs - Zugdidi becomes the epicenter of confrontation 5 days before the elections

Five days before the elections, Zugdidi has become an epicenter of confrontation. The target of attacks is the Zugdidi mayoral candidate of the United Opposition.Sandra Roelofs was attacked when giving an interview to the TV company "Odishi" in the Dadiani Palace yard.
Five supporters of the ruling party disrupted the interview. Sandra Roelofs"s photographer was physically confronted , a member of Tbilisi City Council Nika Vacheishvili was hit and the anchor ofthe program "Lustration" Levan Toria wass slapped.The opposition has identified the participants of the incident. The photographer who was an object of attack managed at the same time to take pictures. After the decoding of the material, the opposition said that all five persons, who initiated the confrontation, were the agent provocateurs of "Georgian Dream" - According to the opposition, the photo and video footage depicts former law enforcer Melorava, Gela Kvaratskhelia, Gela Toria.
Following the statement of the opponents of the government, the violators and victims were taken to the Zugdidi police, after which the Ministry of Internal Affairs detained Gela Kvaratskhelia, one of the participants in the attack on Sandra Roelofs and his staff members in Zugdidi.
Kvaratskhelia physically assaulted journalist and cameraman of the Odishi TV station and cursed the members of the staff of the headquarters. He denied the connection with "Georgian Dream" during the conversation with "Courier".The opposition is convinced that the government is behind all provocations several days before the elections.