29 March 2023,   06:47
"Gareji is Georgia" - David Gareja was protected with a live chain today

"Gareji is Georgia" - David Gareja was protected with a live chain today. It was a counteraction in response to Azeri activists, but they did not appear in Gareja territory today. The protesters were met only by the Georgian and Azeri border guards, which became a source of dissatisfaction.
Pilgrims from 9 Diocese took part in the peaceful procession. The clergy, together with the parish, first prayed at the Easter Cathedral. The clergy position is categorical - David Gareja is a part of Georgia and the active actions of the government are needed. People living in the Davit Gareji Monastery complex today did not refrain from criticizing the government.Azeri students did not appear in Davit Gareji territory today. Teimuraz Kupatadze, the deputy head of the Border Police Police, described as "misinformation" that the civilian activists from Azerbaijan planned to climb to the Chichkituri tower today. The peaceful protests of citizens ended in a few hours today, but in the historic complex, there are now flags that prove that Davit Gareji is Georgia.