12 December 2023,   01:58
Eka Beselia speaks about the warnings of expected moral terror

The scandalous statement of Eka Beselia - MP, the former member of the "Georgian Dream" whose private life footage was published have not investigated yet. She says that she was warned by the team before leaving.
In the interview with the "Courier" Beselia did not specify the names but she knew that there were possibilities of pressure and moral terror.
According to Eka Beselia she wants to know the name of author of the criminal action.
"I had brief talk with Bidzina Ivanishvili and he told me that the case would be investigated but there is no legal outcome yet.
When I entered the political war, I heard this phrase "we can not save you," there was noting I needed from them, I defended the team for already seven years. If they meant this, I was ready mentally and morally, because I had broad experience," - Says Eka Beselia.
According to Beselia, she has no trust of investigation. She thinks that the main actor of the criminal action is not war from the ruling party.
"If the investigation does not have an answer to my questions, neither do I. I think this process is not far from the ruling party, "- Eka Beselia