25 February 2021,   14:46
Execution of the decision of the European Court of Human Rights - Paata Salia explains

The decision made by the European Court of Human Rights on the case of "Rustavi 2" and its hasty execution by the government.
The decision of the ECHR states that this decision is not final and it will come into force if it will not be appealed to the Grand Chamber until October 19.
According to Paata Salia, the House of Justice had no basis for not to execute the decision of the European Court. Salia says that statements about the appeal is speculative.
"There were made various statements that question the legitimacy of enforcing the decision of the Supreme Court of Georgia. I would like to make some explanations. First of all, we remind you that the European Court of Human Rights decided that the suit of the broadcasting company "Rustavi 2" and the complaints of Georgian owners were not satisfied. Today"s interpretations are wrong. The measure used by the ECHR is unprecedented but you know that the court said that the judicial power in Georgia made their decisions impartially. The court found that claim of "Rustavi 2" is not permissible.The court also said that temporary measure should be canceled, which was the only obstacle in Georgia for the execution of the decision made in favor of Kibar Khalvashi.
Therefore, all the speculation is unreasonable. The action of Kibar Khalvashi and his representative, the decision of the Supreme Court, action of the House of Justice was absolutely correct and legitimate," - said Paata Salia.