27 November 2021,   18:17
Statue of Christ The Redeemer used in anti hunger campaign

Rio de Janeiro’s iconic Christ the Redeemer statue was on Sunday lit up with messages aimed at ending hunger amid the coronavirus.

A food bank program and social services of the city launched the campaign under the hashtag #MesaSemFome (#TableWithoutHunger) that collects food and hygiene products as donations to be given to those who are socially vulnerable.

Omar Raposo, the priest in charge of the Sanctuary of Christ the Redeemer, said “we are mobilised to bring food to those who are in need”.

The food bank program fights against hunger and food waste, distributing food to assistance entities and also guiding them on how to use it without creating any waste. The program has had a growing demand as a result of the coronavirus. In addition to the thousands of victims, many Brazilians are suffering the economic consequences of the pandemic.