04 December 2021,   22:56
Shanghai Disneyland reopens at under 30% capacity

After a three-month hiatus, the Walt Disney Company’s largest Magic Kingdom in Asia is back in business.

The Shanghai Disney Resort threw open its gates Monday - albeit with strict public safety measures in place and low limits on capacity. The first group of 200 lucky visitors were allowed into the park at the usual opening time of 9:30 a.m. Guests are being granted entry in staggered batches, based on predetermined times printed on their tickets.

Shortly before doors opened, Shanghai Disneyland hosted a special reopening ceremony against a backdrop of the iconic “Floral Minnie” in spring colors. Castmembers from every themed land in Shanghai Disneyland - including Mickey Mouse and his friends, Duffy and friends, Marvel superheroes, Disney princesses, Toy Story friends, Star Wars characters and others - were on hand to invite fans back and commemorate the occasion.

The Chinese government has asked Disney to cap attendance at 30% of usual capacity, or approximately 24 000 people, to keep guests safe and to help staff adjust to new safety procedures.