26 January 2022,   00:30
The Ministry of Internal Affairs has launched an investigation into the fire in Varketili

Public Safety Management Center 112 of the Ministry of Internal Affairs received report according to which fire has spread on the territory of the open air market located on Shuamta Street, district Varketili.

As soon as the report was received, up to 130 fire fighters and rescuers as well as 25 units of firefighting vehicles have been deployed at the site in the shortest period of time. After the arrival, fire extinguishing activities were immediately initiated. Patrol Police, Criminal Police and ambulance crews have also been deployed at the site.

Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs- Ioseb Tchelidze and Head of Emergency Situations Management Service- Temur Mgebrishvili have also arrived at the place of the incident and are leading the process of fire extinguishing activities.
For safety reasons the perimeter has been closed by the law enforcers.

The fire has spread to warehouses. According to preliminary information, the clothes and various items ready for sale have been caught by fire.

There was a danger of fire spreading towards the gas station, however, as a result of the operative response of the fire-rescuers, the threat of explosion was completely neutralized. The fire has been localized at the moment.

According to the existing preliminary information, no one has been injured as a result of the fire. Ministry of Internal Affairs has already launched investigation on the fact of damage or destruction of property by setting fire, crime envisaged under the article 187, II part of the Criminal Code of Georgia.