02 December 2021,   05:34
Who is the person shown in the footage – the MIA released a statement on Giorgi Shakarashvili’s case

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia issues new statement on Giorgi Shakarashvili case.

“Considering high public interest, Ministry of Internal Affairs would like to inform society that the citizen depicted in video footage, disseminated by certain media sources is identified as L.L. (DoB 1996) the resident of Khashuri and allegations asserting that A.B. is visible in the footage is a complete falsehood. It has already been established that person depicted in the footage was traveling by minibus from Khashuri to the direction of Tbilisi.

The mentioned transport was moving from Kutaisi to Tbilisi direction. Herewith, information spread by one of the media outlets regarding the artificial occurrence of fire is another lie and an attempt to mislead the society. As a result of investigative activities, it has been established that on July 4, the fire spread in vicinities of Aragvi Bridge was caused by metal processing works.

As a result of studying factual circumstances, it was established that L.K. (DoB 1980) was processing metal at the site for collecting scrap metal pieces, who confirmed that grass caught fire in the process. Investigation regarding the fact is in progress under the article 188, envisaged by the Criminal Code of Georgia”, - reads the statement.