01 August 2021,   10:42
The so-called Security Service of Tskhinvali responds to the statement of Zaza Gakheladze’s family

The de facto Security Service of Tskhinvali region says that a rally planned by the family of Zaza Gakheladze on June, 23 near the occupation line “is a provocation”.

Gakheladze’s family is behind the rally which will take place in the village of Kvemo Chala at 13:00 tomorrow to demand his release.

Tskhinvali claims that the leader of civic movement “Strength is in unity” David Katsarava has organized the rally and that several individuals are likely to “illegally cross the border” during the process.

De facto Tskhinvali says that “this provocation will be disrupted in line with the law” and states that “such provocations undermine peaceful negotiations”.