26 July 2021,   06:29
More than 245 000 citizens fined for violating coronavirus-related restrictions will be granted amnesty - PM’s initiative

According to the Prime Minister of Georgia, amnesty will apply to those who fined for violating coronavirus-related restrictions. As Irakli Garibashvili said, the decision was made due to the aggravated socio-economic situation during the pandemic.

“Today, two bills were submitted to the Parliament of Georgia, which refer to those persons who have been held administratively or criminally liable for violating the regulations imposed during the pandemic.

As part of this initiative, the amnesty will release from administrative and criminal liability approximately 245 000 of our fellow citizens and 344 legal entities. We are talking about fines of about GEL 76 million imposed for violating the rules of isolation, quarantine and wearing a veil”, - added the Head of the Government.