16 October 2021,   10:27
I am committed to discovering who was behind the violence on the LGBT community - Adam Kinzinger

US Department of State condemns the violent attacks on civic activists, community members and journalists in Georgia that took place at the anti-Tbilisi Pride rally.

“We do condemn the violent attacks in Georgia that took place on July 5th on civic activists, on community members, on journalists. Georgia’s leaders, its law enforcement officials – they are obligated to protect the constitutional rights to freedom of expression, to freedom of assembly, and to prosecute those perpetrating violence.

And we remind Georgia’s political leaders, we remind its law enforcement officials and institutions of that responsibility to protect all of those exercising their constitutional rights, to protect journalists exercising freedom of the press, and to publicly condemn the violence. The United States Embassy in Georgia signed on to a joint statement along with several other missions on the ground. So it’s not just the United States speaking up about this; it’s several of our like-minded partners as well”, - said Ned Price, Spokesperson of the US Department of State.

Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger responds to the events in Tbilisi on Twitter.

“I have been monitoring the violence in Tbilisi, and stand by our embassy’s statement. I am committed to discovering who was behind the violence on the LGBT community. America believes in freedom”, - twitted Kinzinger.